Caroline at Circle Work Art is an instinctive artist who paints from the heart but she is traditionally trained. Her work is imbued with the landscapes of regional Western Australia where she has spent most of her life.


Born in Katanning in the state’s lush Great Southern in 1974, she lived on a farm near Gnowangerup and in the tiny, picturesque settlements of Two People’s Bay and Bremer Bay.


She has spent formative years in the state’s north, including in harsh, industrialised sections of the Pilbara and in vast and pristine areas of the Kimberley. Caroline’s nomadic childhood – informs work that embraces the impermanence of everything. Caroline was 10 years old when her mother died and she learned the urge to run and that all things pass. She has travelled overseas extensively, living in Edinburgh and then in London where she sold her works through the New Blood Gallery.


Caroline is a highly trained specialist in dealing with children with behavioural issues and children with special needs.  It is in her art that she feels she expresses an empathy for others.

“My style is primarily the use of circles and/or dots,” she says. “I can’t imagine painting any other way as when I am inspired and see an idea it is not in a realistic manner but primarily in the colours I would use and then arranging them in a circular fashion.


I liken it to the drawings you produce while on the phone, it just comes out that way and to try and change it would not feel as easy or natural.


“When I paint I find it like meditation as I find a place where sound stops and I always am surprised when I stop and actually see what I have painted.”


“My thoughts on being an artist are that it is not something you would necessarily choose but chooses you.”

'boob 1' Donated to The Breast Cancer Research Centre WA.

This painting was inspired by my Mother who passed away at age thirty nine from Breast Cancer and my Grandmother who also lost her battle with this disease.  I watched my mother struggle with the chemo, the depression and chaos Breast Cancer brings to a family.  Her strength and dignity still makes me pause and brings tears to my eyes.

The pink in all of its shades represents all the women fighting cancer now, the browns represent all the skin tones and the gold just the importance of these people in their family and friend’s lives. I was having trouble naming the piece when a friend said it actually looked like a breast and so it was called ‘Boob 1’.

Thank-you to all the wonderful people who continue the fight to find a cure.


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