I custom paint canvases to suit all interior designs and décor.  Using a palette decided upon through a consultation process. Canvases are available in a range of shapes & sizes (rectangular or square), and are all professionally gallery wrapped and ready-to-hang, so you can be sure we’ll find the right fit for you.





Functional art pieces includes corkboards, surfboards and skate decks and are the perfect, unique present for the person who has everything. The beauty of an original piece is that no two pieces are the same.


Cafes / Restaurants / Yoga Studio / Small Businesses

Many cafes, restaurants and businesses may need art to enhance their environment.  In the past I have displayed my artwork in small businesses and always welcome the opportunity to do so.  If you are a business owner who would be interested, please contact me.

  • I provide delivery and pick up of the pieces if local to the Perth Western Australia area.
  • If not, local we can come to an arrangement about shipping costs.
  • An artist statement to be displayed for your customers with questions about the art.
  • Professional Business cards for customers to contact me directly with further questions.
  • If a customer is interested in purchasing the art then that would be organised through me directly, but an agreed-on percentage would be payed to your business.

My dad had been diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer that had spread to his liver.  He had been carrying on about getting a family tree tattoo but of course due to chemo he wasn’t able to get one.  Having known Caroline for a long time I asked her if she would do a painting representing my family.  She was more than happy to do it and with a few questions about who was going to be represented, how they were connected and what colours would represent each person the painting began to unfold.  During the process Caroline kept me updated on how she was going and explained how she had become emotionally attached as she was doing the painting.  This 100% showed when we received the painting.  I couldn’t get that box open quick enough!  My mum and I stood in awe of it and began to cry.  We read through the description of what each part meant and just couldn’t wait to show the rest of the family.  It is more than just a painting, each time I look at it I see something different and I have felt a wave of emotions from pure joy to sadness and anger.  I just wish that my dad had lived long enough to see it.  I know he would have loved it just as much as we do.

Donna P - Qld

I first came across Caroline's Circle Work when one of my close friends had their first child and were gifted a painting to represent and commemorate that special time. I remember sitting looking at all the individual colours and the subtle differences in each dot. Fast forward a few years and I was weeks away from having my first child. I tried my luck at entering a competition held on the page and was lucky enough to win. During the creation, of this first piece Caroline was amazing and went into great detail to explain the symbolically of the painting and kept us up to date on how it was going. When it arrived it was more than I had ever expected and took pride of place so that it was the first thing seen whenever you walk into the house. More recently I had a close friend give birth to a beautiful young boy. Working closely with Caroline to create a piece of work that symbolised new life and represented the love both parents had for their new child. During the process Caroline's enthusiasm was clear. Not only did she remember the t original artwork she had created for myself two years earlier, but I felt her genuine excitement to create something that would again mean so much to another new family.

TODD H - Qld

My painting, the goddess Artemis, is my favourite possession. You could pretty much have anything else I have but this brings me pure joy. The colours, its vibrancy! Each time I contemplate it a different colour will stand out to me. It changes with the light. I get hypnotic delight staring into the circles upon circles. It speaks to me and calms me. I love it and it soothes my soul.

Janine WA




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